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Landscape Care:

Coral Springs Pest Control

Lawns need to be treated 6 to 9 times per year. During each visit we will diagnose the lawn and give it what it needs. The landscape care program covers every thing the lawn needs to become green and stay green.

The White Grub

 They are the larval form of a beetle. They feed on the roots of your lawn causing severe damage in a short period of time. These grubs live deep down in the soil and require special pest control treatments.


White Grub closeup

Ornamental and tree Programs:

Meally Bugs

Pest Control Programs:

White fly on Ficus
White fly

We use systemic pesticides to control white flies, scale and other landscape pests. The pesticide is placed into the soil profile and taken up by the plants roots. Once the plant has taken up the pesticide, all the pests that feed on the plant will die. 



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